Are You Your Own Greatest Obstacle?

I see it often enough: a client comes in wanting help with certain issues. They’re unhappy and suffering emotionally and in some cases desperate for help. However, the most important pre-requisite for change is asking ourselves whether we’re really ready. Are we ready to explore the depths of our behaviour, and are we ready to be really honest with ourselves?   Most people think that they are ready, willing and.. Read More

Our Relationship with Food – Biological or Psychological?

I have had a tumultuous relationship with food over the years. In fact, during one dark phase of my life I struggled terribly with binge eating disorder – not something that many people understood. No matter how much discipline I tried to exert upon myself, I just could not stop. It was as if there was a food demon that would awaken within me each afternoon, ready to devour anything.. Read More

Terror, Us and the Absence of Love

Yesterday I came across an account by Psychiatrist Dr. Emanuel Tanay, who in my opinion, correctly pointed out that there are very few people who are true fanatics. The vast majority of people of all faiths are peaceful, but it is the fanatics, he stated, that quite often rule. A German aristocrat during the Nazi rule, Dr. Tanay lost everything and ended up in a concentration camp. Although he passed.. Read More

Does Traditional Therapy Need a Facelift?

I believe it does. I am a Psychotherapist. My aim is to help individuals attain a greater sense of inner peace and I get to glimpse (very personally), into the lives of others on a daily basis. I observe their pain and obstacles, and in many cases during the process of therapy, I also witness the beginnings of a shift in their consciousness. I have found that sometimes using the.. Read More