Recently I was in Brazil co-teaching Quantum Activism workshops with Dr. Amit Goswami. It was a wonderful experience and I got to meet lots of lovely people. I spoke about near-death experiences during one of the sessions, and shortly afterwards a workshop participant named Monica (real name, with permission) came up to me and told me that she had had an NDE around 35 years ago. She was kind enough to share her experience and the impact that it has had on her life. With her permission, I have shared her story. (Please note that this account has been translated from Portuguese. I have deliberately not edited it as I wanted it to be as authentic as possible. Also the names in the write-up have been changed for confidentiality reasons.)

” I was almost 20 years old when I had a near-death experience. It was in 1981. I used to work in the financial institution. When I arrived at work that morning at 7am, I was in a lot of pain – menstrual cramps. I went straight to the company’s doctor and took Brazil talk 2some medicine orally to release the pain. The pain persisted and around 8am I went back to the doctor’s, and the nurse gave me an injection of the same medicine again. At the end of the procedure, I could not get up from the chair because of weakness in my legs, so the nurse took me to a room where I could lie down on a mattress on the floor. She asked me to rest and left the room.

Some minutes passed and I started to feel a tingling and burning sensation on my body as if I was being set on fire. I felt an intense burning sensation, then I looked at my arm and saw my skin full of blisters. I tried to move, but could not. I tried to call the nurse but my voice would not come out. I felt it was a serious situation, but there was no time for despair, I did not feel agony or suffering, because I immediately felt inside a tunnel light at the end of it. Right then I had a feeling of peace and welcoming which I can describe still today. When I got close to the light I had the awareness and at that moment I said: ‘I cannot leave now, please, I need to go back. I am only 20 years old and my mother will not bear my death. I prayed to Our Father with all my deep heartily intention of coming back, and then I suddenly came back to my body. (When I said the reason why I had to go back, it was as if I was answering someone, but that was not completely clear, it was as if someone was asking me a question but I could not hear their voice.)

I could move myself but could not get up. I suddenly came back to my body. I could  not get up. As my voice did not come out, I crawled to the nurse’s room and then the doctor gave me an injection. The near-death experience happened because of the anaphylactic shock.”

Monica later explained that she had had out-of-body experiences since childhood, but as nobody believed her, she started to think that it was her imagination playing games. However after the NDE, she found that she started having premonitions and she was able to see spirits.

After developing her psychic skills further, she developed a connection with the spiritual realm. On one particular occasion during a regression therapy session, she was able to connect with to the consciousness of a terminally ill person. She expresses:

“In one of the sessions, I felt a strong pain in my head, and in my mind I heard a desperate woman speaking in English. The woman said that she was in hospital and that the doctors were injecting a substance in her head. She explained that she was with her deceased Grandmother and that she needed to ask for forgiveness from her biological mother. She said that needed to tell her mother that she loved her very much but that she didn’t know where her mother was.

I also saw in my mind the image of a friend of mine. When we stopped the therapy session, I phoned my friend and to my surprise she told me that she had a friend in hospital who was living in the USA, and was suffering from brain cancer. Interestingly enough, as this lady was in the terminal stage of cancer, the doctors had injected the drug directly into her brain. The patient’s name was Sophia and was born in Argentina. She had left home at the age of 18 against her parents’ will to join a religious community, where the leader was called ‘Mother’. We then understood why she wanted forgiveness from her biological mother.

I had accessed the consciousness of someone who was alive. This was new for me, as up until then I had only accessed the consciousness of dead people.”

Also along her journey, Monica was able to connect with spiritual mentors, and she began to learn about some of the universal laws. She talked about four teachings specifically:

  1. Respect: People need primarily to improve everything about themselves without any kind of aggression, and to respect and recognise any kind of their internal nature.
  2. Consciousness: With the awareness of their internal nature, it is necessary to reprogram the negative feelings that have been generated and absorbed through bad experiences.
  3. Transformation: By using the power of transformation, we can create new forms. We can change our character to go back to original essence – kindnes, solidarity and love.
  4. Faith: It is the Being’s evolution – it is the truth about one’s essence.

I would like to thank Monica for allowing me to share her experience  and the teachings that she has learned along the way!