Have you ever wondered why people often get ill when they go on holiday? Or why we tend to crave sugar during stressful times? Perhaps you’ve noticed a correlation between a psychological trauma and the manifestation of a physical symptom? In this three part blog series, I will explain why this is the case and what you can do about it. Part 1 (this post) will cover the three essential underpinning factors of disease. Part 2 will explain the stress and regeneration phase in greater detail; and part 3 will address what you can do to self-heal.

In order to understand disease and health, you must first recognize the following THREE essential underpinning factors:

  1. Everything is energy and hence interconnected. In order to understand disease and health, we must first recognize that everything is energy, and that it is possible to change energy from one form into another. Disease occurs on multiple levels (physical, mental, emotional etc.), and if we elicit change in one of these areas, there is an automatic impact upon the other areas too. Also, because everything is interconnected, generational trauma may play a part, for example, we often recognize that disease runs in families, but what if this isn’t fixed genetic occurrence all of the time? What if instead it is a pattern that has been passed on down the generations, stemming from psychological trauma? When we approach health from a quantum worldview perspective (will write a blog on this soon), we open the door to numerous self-healing possibilities.
  2. The body always strives for balance. It is always working to restore health. Nature does not make mistakes. The human body is a highly intelligent, orderly and sophisticated system with biological meaningful reactions which we have labelled as disease or illness. The body is a highly dynamic system which is changing moment-to-moment. Rather than looking at illness as a random occurrence,  it should rather be viewed as the body’s way of facilitating survival. Understanding the body’s mechanisms from a holistic perspective is what will empower us to both understand health and implement change.
  3. The body displays 2 natural phases.
    The body seeks to restore balance via the autonomic nervous system, which consists of the sympathetic and the parasympathetic systems (the stress and regeneration phase). When we experience psychological trauma, we upset the energetic balance between these two systems. In order to understand the manifestation of disease (both physical and psychological), and restoration of health, we need to understand how these two natural phases work, and this will be the focus of Part 2 of this blog series….