“The support that I have received from Sunita has had a great impact on my life. She has helped me to adapt my thought processes and opened my mind to many options in dealing with problems and obstacles I’ve faced. She has helped me to become a calmer, stronger person which is helping me to builder a better future for me and my family.” – J.S (Edmonton).


“I have been working closely with Sunita for the past few weeks and have already seen major differences in my life. She has an amazing quality to understand unspoken words. She is absolutely great and I would highly recommend her.” – I.J (Ilford).


“Hey Sunita, we had a few phone sessions a few months ago…I was down in the dumps and just thought that this was how I was meant to be, I didn’t do anything for myself and I thought I was just worthless. After our phone calls ended I started to really see things differently. I signed up for college and I am nearly finishing my first year, I’ve made friends and feel absolutely brilliant and none of this would have been possible without you. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have helped me change my life for the better.”  – C.T (United Kingdom).


“From the moment I had my first session with Sunita, I have felt happier than I have ever felt. Just to speak to someone who has such an understanding makes a difference. I feel stronger and so much more confident and people have noticed a difference in me. Every session I tackle another hurdle with Sunita’s help and expertise.I have recommended Sunita to many of my friends and I know they will benefit immensely from speaking with her.” – R.A (Ilford).


“Laying on the bathroom floor, I had decided this was my day my suffering ended. I could no longer continue struggling. I need to escape for the sake of my children otherwise they would turn out to be just like me…anxious, nervous, fearful and resorting to self-harm. How did I know this? Because every I was, everything I did was the exact same behaviour as my mum. I hated being me. It was painful, and the memories even more so. As I reached for the second box of tablets I panicked. I rushed out and reached for my phone, where I had the number of a therapist saved. The day I believed to be my last was the day my healing began, all thanks to Sunita. Her words were ever so comforting. I felt safe. For the first time ever I felt as if there was a way out. She made me realize that things didn’t have to be this way. Sunita taught me to let go of blame and helped me to realize that I had a choice. No therapist in the past was able to help me. I found that Sunita was not a text-book therapist. She was human. No technical, no technical theories. Just strategies. Sunita’s words echo in my ears everyday and life has a whole new meaning. I have a choice…we all do, and it is me who creates my own reality. Thank you Sunita for helping to set me free!”  – P.K (East London)


“Although we never met, I feel  you have been a lifeline for my daughter, and many others like her that have nowhere to turn, and are on very edge with despair. I can only thank God she found you,”. – B.P (Ilford)


“Your class last night at the Alchemist’s was wonderful! I’m putting into practice the great tips you shared and have written “Wise Mind” on post-its and put them around my home. Thank you for the most enlightening workshop. Looking forward to your next trip to Richmond!” – T.W (Richmond)