Here is the EFT protocol. If you are wanting to work on specific issues then please feel free to book therapy sessions.


  1. Focus on the issue to be cleared. Rate it from 0-10. Ascertain whether it has a colour, shape or emotion.
  2. Formulate the set-up statement: “Even though I have this……., I love and accept myself anyway”
  3. tap on the karate chop point and repeat your set-up statement three times.
  4. Start the tapping sequence using the following order. (Tap around 7 times on each point before moving on to the next point):  Top of head, eyebrow, top of eye, side of eye, under-eye, under nose, chin, collar bone, under-arm, wrist, thumb, index, middle-finger, ring-finger, little-finger, karate chop point.
  5. After doing 2 tapping rounds, perform the 9-gamut procedure as follows: firstly tap on the gamut point continuously whilst performing the following 9 actions: close your eyes, open your eyes, eyes down right, eyes down left, roll eyes clock-wise, roll eyes anti-clockwise, hum song ‘happy birthday’ for 5 seconds, count to 9 rapidly, hum song ‘happy birthday for 5 seconds’.
  6. Repeat step 4 again.
  7. Tune-in to the emotion/pain again. Repeat step 1 to ascertain how things have changed, and then carry out steps 2-7 again.